The Sky is the Limit



It’s been a few years now since I began my career as a graphic designer. I love everything about being involved in something with so much freedom. Knowing that God called me to do these things is an incredible feeling. When I first picked up the Adobe Suite I didn't have a clue what it was capable of or even what I was capable of. I have always been able to draw so that obviously helps out a lot, but branding and design is so much more than that. When I am coming up with a new logo or design I always start with a sketch. (I guess I don't ever stray far from my roots!) That’s what sets me apart from other designers. I'm not a fan of using "fonts." I love to make things custom. Custom "everything" is my mentality. That’s what pushes me forward. Everything - all the way down to the way a letter is shaped or an icon is made - is done by hand first and then on the computer.  

          Growing up there were many things that influenced me. I was an athlete and played a lot of sports my dad usually coached the team. Lately I’ve picked up a new "sport" - ping-pong! It can get pretty competitive but if you play or know people who play, send them my way! I love playing new people in ping pong - it keeps it challenging and fun! But, I think I get all of my ability from my dad. He got me started, that’s for sure. My dad has a lot of artistic ability and I was grateful to be around him. Watching him draw and looking at his sketches really influenced me. It took me a while to pick up "drawing" but once I started it’s really all I ever wanted to do. 

          My beautiful wife is the person who pushed me to get into graphic design. She pushed me to pursue this career. A while ago I had my first "meeting" with another successful graphic designer, Scott Miller. He told me a lot about the world of graphic design. I wasn't really sure that it was something I wanted to do but it seemed interesting then. After we both took a graphic design class in college, my wife pushed me to begin my career. She keeps me going and she is always so encouraging! She also happens to be a really great photographer. She took most of the pictures that are on my site now and also shoots some weddings on the side - so if you’re getting married anytime soon you should contact her!  

          In this blog you will find anything from "tutorials" to "free vector files" to other artists that influence me. I'll be posting progress photos of different things I'm working on also. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post or ask! Also thanks for stopping by and having a look, you guys are awesome.  

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