Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations really do set the tone for your day. I know it can be really hard to find a design or designer that matches your overall style, but thats where I come in! Your day is going to be incredible so why not send invitations that reflect that. Uniquely designed wedding invitations is one of my specialties, each detail is hand crafted to suit your needs. I can also print them and address them just to take the stress off so you can prepare for your big day! 

Designing my own wedding invitations was a long process. My beautiful wife loves natural and organic things so my job was to create something that reflected that. We both did a lot of research before we decided on a style that fit us. It began with a playful sketch of our names, then I added some natural leaf and flower shapes around the outside. I continued sketching each piece and detail of the invitations until my bride was happy! The monogram you see in the picture below is an E and A. I created this monogram keeping in mind the overall style we were going for. The A appears very strong sturdy while the E is much more playful and feminine, this was an attempt at combining our individual styles. It has some of the same elements that can be seen throughout our invitations. We also used this monogram as a stamp, and that made things very easy when sending out our "thank you" cards. Creating one of a kind wedding invitations is one of my favorite things to do as a designer, i'm looking forward to doing many more in the future.

Check out some of my work in the gallery below. 

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